Merger Announcement

To All Members of Briarcliff Baptist Church,

In the fall of 2016, Briarcliff Baptist Church (BBC) began discussions with Clairmont Hills Baptist Church (CHBC) exploring the possibility of the two churches coming together to form a single, new church. The BBC Board of Directors commissioned a Merger Exploration Team (made up of our members: Jim Waldrop, Marty Hunnicutt, Amy Shey, Sam Caudill, Becky Litsky, and Pastor Paul) to assess the feasibility, desirability, and possibility of a merger. They have been meeting for the past 9 months with a team from CHBC and a moderator.

After months of meetings, the Merger Exploration Teams from both churches unanimously voted to merge and bring a merger vote to the congregations for approval. Our Board of Directors has approved this motion, and we will now begin involving and informing the congregation as to the process and decisions. On Sunday, June 25th, at 11 am in the sanctuary, we will have a “town hall” meeting with the Merger Exploration Team to answer any questions you may have and shine a light on where we feel God is leading us. We have also written a Merger Recommendation Document for your review. We will ask members of BBC to vote on Sunday, July 16th, in the worship service, regarding the merger. We feel these are exciting times and have sensed God’s hand of guidance throughout this process. Please feel free to discuss any further questions you may have with anyone from the Merger Exploration Team and they will gladly answer them. We believe that God has been preparing us for the next phase of ministry He is calling us to and now feel ready to move forward in that direction.

Merger Recommendation Document

-Briarcliff Baptist Board of Directors

Marty Hunnicutt, Jim Waldrop, Pastor Paul, Madeline Waldrop, Doug Jamieson, Ginger Jamieson, Sam Caudill, Larry Wyatt, David McCaigue, Bill Bullard.