The Body of Christ: For Such a Time as This

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In Esther 4:14 and in Acts 17:26, we learn that God has put Esther/man where He desires in time to be His witness to the people around her/them. We also see this in Genesis 12 with Abraham where God promises to bless him so that he could be a blessing to others. God’s ultimate story in the bible is a story of reconciling man to Himself in order for others to know Him. God’s ultimate redemption plan through Jesus is to use His church, the bride of Christ, to show love to one another so the world will know we are followers of Christ.

God created His church to be unified by the Holy Spirit to do the work of the Lord but at the same time diverse. He did not create robots. He created us each uniquely individual with different gifts. Both Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 show many different gifts to be used in the body as He wills. We see that the body is not one part but many. We are all needed no matter what part God has given us to be. It also tells us that there is no division in the body but that we have the same concern for each other.

I have read both of the passages from Romans and 1 Corinthians but never noticed that each is followed by a section about love for one another. It appears that love is crucial to the body of Christ functioning as God intended it to. And why wouldn’t it, as God’s nature is love and He is love?  What part has God called you to play? How can you obey the Lord and be unified to work together as one body under Christ in order that those around you will know who Jesus is? What gifts has the Lord given to you and how are you using them to shine the light and push back the darkness?

Prayerfully consider these things and seek out where the Lord wants you to serve Him in the church, His bride. When he returns will the Bride of Christ be ready without blemish for Him to come? I hope so. Don’t delay, serve the body of Christ today in unity and love for His glory alone!

Article by Amy L. Hernández

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