A Tale of Two Seas

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Within the borders of Israel there are two great seas; the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. These two bodies of water are connected by the famous Jordan River. Though these two seas share the same country and the same river, they could not be more different. The Sea of Galilee is in the North, has fresh water, and abounds with life. There is plenty of fish, lush vegetation on its shores, and is a vacation destination for families. About ninety miles south, the Jordan River twists and turns until it ends into the Dead Sea. Unlike the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea has such a high salt content that it prevents life to form around it. There are no fish that can live in these waters and no trees can drink from the water’s edge.

What is the big difference between these two bodies of water? The Sea of Galilee receives moisture from its surroundings and then channels that moisture out through the Jordan. It therefore receives and gives, which keeps water flowing in and out.  On the other hand, the Dead Sea lies at the end of the Jordan, keeping every drop it gets for itself. This creates a stagnant and polluted body of water that has no outlet.

People can also be like these two bodies of water. Some people are like the Sea of Galilee, they are generous; giving freely out of the abundance they have been given.  They share their resources, time, talents and gifting with those around them. These people have a steady balance of receiving and giving, creating conditions of blessing for all. Sadly, other people are more like the Dead Sea, and selfish, always being at the receiving end in life. They’re constant consumption only creates an atmosphere where things cannot grow. Like the two seas there are givers and takers in life. God calls all of His children to give all out of the abundance given, just like our Savior Jesus Christ.  Receiving an abundance from God, believers are to then channel all He has graciously given into being a river of blessings for others. May we continue to flow towards others out of the abundance of our blessings in Christ.

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