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At the end of 2015, our staff got together for our annual staff retreat and examined various areas of our ministry to see where we could grow and improve. One of the ministries that we really wanted to highlight and see expand was our Sunday school classes. We believe that spiritual growth (what we call “discipleship”) happens best in small groups that study the Bible together, evangelize together, and have a common goal of sharing life together. Our small groups are vital to the growth of BBC.

In an effort to communicate the importance of Sunday school to new members and to those who perhaps aren’t familiar with the various ministries of the church, we are now referring to our Sunday school classes as “Community Groups.” Of course you can still call them Sunday school classes and we will all know what you’re talking about, lol! Moving forward though, as we engage our culture and guests, we feel that the name “Community Groups” strikes at the heart of the intention for why these groups exist: community.

True community is our goal. So what does Christian “community” really look like? Well, looking at Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-35 we see that all who gathered had a desire to follow Christ, made fellowship a priority, created an environment of accountability, authenticity, and generosity, exercised compassion and bore one another’s burdens, and longed to grow together in Christ-likeness. Our prayer is that our community groups will have the same goals. We want to encounter Christ together and experience growth, both spiritually and numerically. We invite you to join us this Sunday and enjoy participating in a community that makes much about Jesus.

Pastor Paul Millarc

Author: Paul Millarc

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